r o t o r i k / America's Most Wanted EP


"That rotorik 12" is rocking the Peel world, best record I've heard all day (and I've heard a few)."

(BBC Radio One - John Peel Show on "America's Most Wanted EP")

"Scary... lovely record to fuck with people's heads."

(Laurent Garnier on "America's Most Wanted EP")

"I'm loving that."

(bleed, de:bug, on "America's Most Wanted EP")


Artist - Rotorik
Title - Americas Most Wanted
Label - CRIME
Format - 12"
Catalog No. - CRIME 03
Release Date - 07/06/2004

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Mark Hawkins continues to push his distinctive UK techno sound, fusing elements of jacking Chicago crunch and plenty of filthy UK sub bass. After the instant success of both CRIME 01 and 02, Mark Hawkins’ CRIME proudly presents Rotorik’s ‘America’s Most Wanted’ E.P. Rotorik, from Hamburg, Germany who has previously released on Automatic, Mosquito, Mutter and Feis dishes out his very own tribute to 80’s US cop shows, supported by 2 great remixes by Si Begg and label boss Mark Hawkins.

A1 “(To Ride) Street Hawk” A wonk epic, with booming kick, quirky sounds, and the all important classic sample, that jacks along with a real funky swagger.

A2 “Streethawk (Hawkins Hackney Bassment Breaks mix)” giving the original a more UK urban feel, with jerky percussion and awesome sub bass.

B1 “The Harder Drive” A Jan Hammer/Miami Vice influenced retro flavour with clanking DX sounds, 80s tom rolls and solid beats.

B2 “The Harder Drive (Si Begg remix)” A solid 4/4 number that takes the original riff and gives it a bit more kick and groove for the floor.

+ 2 lock grooves taken out of the remixes to keep the DJs happy.