r o t o r i k / l a w f u l i n t e r c e p t i o n e.p . [feis 018]

released 07/02

"Lawful interception plays a crucial role in helping law enforcement agencies to combat criminal activity. Lawful Interception of public telecommunications systems in each country is based on national legislation in that country. The purpose of standardization of lawful interception in ETSI is to facilitate the economic realization of lawful interception that complies with the national and international conventions and legislation. ETSI SEC is the leading body for Lawful Interception standardization within ETSI. The SEC_LI Working Group is charged to execute and co-ordinate the work."

a1 override all [TZ:jetzt abrasten]
(also featured on [feis] labelcompilation volume 1, out now on cd)

a2 state of the world forum

b1 system power

b2 acceptor wait for new cycle state

'endlich mehr...' - 'finally more...' - [de:bug]
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label : [feis]

distribution : intergroove

notes - a1 "override all [TZ: jetzt abrasten]" and b1 "system power" are heavily based on Native Instruments' FM7. b2 heavily relies on STEINER microcomputer. thanks & credits go out to these great developers ! a1 uses a sequence originally created in 1990 by CS with the Cult Of Decay in a track called TZ...