rotorik live at the rotodrôme




1. Verschollen in der Unendlichkeit
2. Danger Phreak
3. Global Positioning
4. Renovator


1. Traekker II
2. Drohor
3. Index Funk

Acido 004 / mastered at d+m berlin

rotorik (a.k.a. "CS") is well-known for records on labels that are commonly filed under "Brighton sound". Discovered more or less by Cristian Vogel, he was (and will now probably always remain) the first German artist who had a release on the legendary Mosquito label ("Sending All Processes The Term Signal", MSQ018), consequently followed by appearances on [feis], Automatic or boogizm. His 2004 release on Crime Productions was hailed by John Peel as being "the best record he heard all day".

Recently, CS also returned to his roots by reactivating his EBM project "TET - Travailleur En Trance" and releasing a TET CD album on his own label "manoeuvre records". Acido collectors already know the track "Sector Champion" by "rotorik vs. TET" on release 002. With TET, CS was just invited to Brussels by EBM legends Front 242 to support their 25th anniversary show in March 2006.

This 12" "rotorik live at the rotodrôme" might surprise those who've been following the work of rotorik since his debut release in the year 2000, but perhaps never managed to catch him on one of his live shows. While the studio releases were usually produced in a rather complex way, CS went much more raw and minimal when playing live. Using his own unique virtual modular instruments, rotorik was able to adapt to any crowd and venue. The result were always quite different sets, depending on if he played in techno temples such as Stammheim or Neue Heimat or in more laptop electronica oriented places such as the Golden Pudel Klub or WMF.

This release holds a selection of recordings made in rotorik's studio "the rotodrôme", specificly made to show the wide range of styles possible. While tracks like "Danger Phreak", "Traekker II" and "Renovator" remotely demonstrate what you would expect from rotorik (approximately hard, abstract weird techno), "Global Positioning", "Drohor" and "Index Funk" are samples of fine, mesmerizing electronica stuff. And the beatless "Verschollen in der Unendlichkeit" proves rotorik can even make you float away into space!