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rotorik - "Century Leader" full-length album OUT now!


Release info:

Around 10 years ago, rotorik became known as a producer and live act in the area of the both weird and energetic "Brighton" techno, releasing several vinyls on renowned imprints, making it as far as being praised by BBC legend John Peel, and playing many legendary clubs and venues.

Now in 2011, rotorik once again ventures upon new areas with his first full-length album "Century Leader" (manoeuvre records mancd-03 / rotodrôme recordings roto-06). Once again he got inspired by British styles, but once again he is translating those into his very own type of sound language - by mixing up totally different genres, in order to create a new and daring mixture. Daring like a leader.

Evoking images of Bladerunner-esque sci-fi landscapes, like the coruscating metal of mega corporations' surveillance gliders under dark industrial skies, "Century Leader" is a complex high-tech work, unusually bursting with ideas & energy, experimental in both groove programming and sound design, yet always driving both body and brain.

"Century Leader" constitutes an unforeseen clash of sounds. For example, extremely heavy dubstep grooves and incredibly inventive basslines meet Belgian body music and industrial (including appropriate vocals by CS), while evacuation ambient (tm) soundscapes sometimes unexpectedly encounter traces of the powerful shuffling techno rotorik used to be known for.

With the change of style also come intrusive analogue basses that are now far heavier than from the 'old' rotorik, who was perhaps more known for his metallic precision... But of course you'll also find lots of the rotorik's trademark digital/fm sounds - it is still rotorik.

"Century Leader" is an album of many influences merged into one unique, uncompromising, independent style of electronic music - the sound of rotorik.

Released on February 11, 2011, it obviously consists of 11 tracks and costs 11 Euros (compact disc version).

Contains a little additional mastering treatment by Daniel B. Prothèse (Front 242) on Neve 8816 / DBX 160sl / Focusrite Liquid Mix.

How to check it out:

Find the hires 21 minute (!) preview sampler on Soundcloud or listen (soon) to the excerpts on FB and maybe MySpace.

Attention, the sound is dynamic, NOT destroyed by overcompression and limiting, so you might need to crank up your volume!

Sorry, no giving away of all the complete tracks for free. Producing a complex album like this took a huge amount of time, and I do not concur with the current hype that studio work is work you do for free. Also, every Soundcloud file can easily be downloaded, even when you set them to be protected against it.

However, I'll be uploading one track in full-length, full-quality for free download! You decide, now taking votes through comments, either on FB or on Soundcloud...

How to get it:

Once you like it, there are two ways of purchasing "Century Leader" :

1) From manoeuvre records on a stylishly black 73min audio CD, full 44 KHz/16bit audio quality, hand-made, numbered, produced on request.

Get it here: manoeuvre records shop

2) As instant download from any major music platform, for example:




3) A third option will be made available in the following weeks: Since it is still ridiculously difficult to purchase full quality lossless files instead of MP3 on the net, the download of FLAC files will be made available through the manoeuvre records shop.

Thank you for your attention!


Re-release of "The TERM Signal" and more!

Two new rotorik releases are scheduled on the newly founded purely digital label "rotodrôme recordings"! Starting off with rotorik's perhaps most well-known release: In 2001 he was the first and last German artist ever to release a vinyl on Cristian Vogel's cult imprint "Mosquito" - of course we're talking about "Sending All Processes The TERM Signal" (Mosquito 018) including the smash hit "Kawasaki Rhythm Rocker"! The release was blended by sound sorceror Vogel himself and sold out quickly of course. Since then it was unavailable and a rare item. Now it's your chance to get hold of these classic tracks since it it going be re-released digitally as roto-02 in May 2007! In case you don't know them yet - check the excerpts in the discography!

"rotodrôme recordings" is not only about re-releases though. In 2009, a collection of previously unreleased rotorik tracks from the vast archives of CS was released as "riskant 1". Even earliest demos will be included, back from the time when rotorik was still named rotor! The first volume of the "riskant" series is going to feature mostly tracks from 1998-2002 - the time when "TERM Signal" was also created. The style ranges from extremely experimental to extremely physically demanding - those who use this for MP3 jogging might end up in another dimension...


+ rotorik promoted by David Bowie... ;-)

- "Danger Phreak"
, a rotorik track from last year's "Live At The Rotodrôme" (Acido004) has been licensed to Nokia for their new service "Music Recommenders" []. It's basically another MP3 shop, the difference is that this big company relies on a world-wide network of underground/independent shops to recommend them new, daring music in various genres. So no need to be afraid of rotorik getting commercial...

Apart from rotorik, Nokia also has a certain David Bowie as "godfather" who says: "Waking up to a new sound or new band is something that makes my day just that bit more exciting. Unfortunately, so much music goes unheard, especially things that dont bow to the mainstream. Music Recommenders help navigate the undiscovered music that is out there."

No money was certainly involved in getting this statement from Mr. Bowie. Yet still it's the only chance at the moment to buy rotorik digitally, so worth a look!

In a sucking way though, this service is only accessible by Windows+IE at the moment, which should change in future updates.

- Fragments from the latest rotorik show can be seen along with some TET footage in a video clip that can be downloaded for free. With TET preparing for the support show for Front 242 in Brussels, CS spontaneously chose to perform several TET tracks solo in rotorik context, in order to test the latest modifications. The show took place in the cosy town of Lneburg near Hamburg in a rather strange environment - see it for yourself... in the "visual" section!

- TET - Travailleur En Trance (CS' other project) successfully completed their mission at "Two Nights with Front 242" at the Ancienne Belgique in the heart of Brussels/Belgium. The inventors of Electronic Body Music themselves had commanded TET to reinforce the line-up at this unique double event which celebrated Front 242's 25th year of existence. For more information and video footage head over to TET-ZENTRUM!


- The last copies of the long-announced rotorik/TET split release "Phantom Commando EP" are available at:

manoeuvre records online shop (

rotorik is pushing techno to the edge in two new tracks on the A-side : "We Shall Overheat" and "Strucklahnungshrn" - preview MP3s can be found as in the audio section! Check them!

- Coming up next: "rotorik live at the rotodrôme" on Acido (004), which constitutes rotorik's first live release. Created on various Reaktor ensembles created and used during rotorik gigs 2001-2005, the vinyl 12" will also mark a certain change in sound and style. No rotorik record released so far has been done "the live way" - so get ready for some surprises!

The recording sessions are currently being finished at the rotodrme - expect the release in December!

In other news, distribution of Acido Records has just been taken over by Hardwax, Berlin, which also means that Acido 002 (featuring "TET vs. rotorik - Sektor Champion") will no longer be available via Neuton!


current & upcoming releases rotorik/TET :

- rotorik/TET split release "Phantom Commando EP"
(12", Mutter 021/Neuton) is now out and available at manoeuvre records online shop!
apart from two brandnew rotorik tracks it holds two remakes of old TET hits:
"(Could) I Scan You 2004" and "Endure To Cure 2004"!

- TET debut album "Ultima Ratio Intervention" released on May 1st 2005! the 75+ mins CD in special packaging contains remixes by Daniel B. (Front 242), Dave Tarrida (Tresor/Sativae/Mosquito), Eric van Wonterghem (Insekt, Sonar, Monolith), Mark Hawkins (Crime Prod./Djax-Up/Mosquito) and Claus Kruse (Plastic Noise Experience)! it can be ordered directly from the labels website: manoeuvre records

for TET mp3 previews, visit TET-ZENTRUM!


- "Sector Champion" is the name of the "TET vs. rotorik" track to be released on Acido 002,
a new label run by Dynamo Dreesen (Flensborg/Milano/North Carolina)
- check the preview mp3 at TET ZENTRUM!

released: 11/2004

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