rotorik / TET : Phantom Commando E.P.

[Mutter Tonträger 021]


a-side: rotorik

A1 - We Shall Overheat

A2 - Strucklahnungshörn


b-side: TET - Travailleur En Trance

B1 - Endure To Cure 2005

B2 - (Could) I Scan You 2005 [Bodyfunk Version]

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the "Phantom Commando E.P." features tracks from two of CS' projects: two brandnew excursions into the future of funky techno from rotorik collide with two tracks from his recently revived older project: TET - Travailleur En Trance. TET is a new aggressive form of Electronic Body Music called "Neo-EBM". this means harsh vocals, driving digital sequences, cynical lyrics and a devastating live show... all info on TET can be found at the TET-ZENTRUM!